Our Members primarily collect NUMISMATCS, EXONUMIA, and BANKING MEMORABILIA. Some also collect PHILATELICS, MILITARIA, and other related areas. What does this mean? Click to view Scoop’s Gallery
Domestic & Foreign Coins and Tokens; Elongated, Counterstamped, Embedded, Bimetallic Coins & Tokens, Casino Chips, Challenge Coins ; Artistic & Other Medal-lions and Medals; Coin Jewellery & Love Tokens ; Blacksmith & Hobo Coins & Civil War Tokens; Dies, Planchets, Slugs, Bag Tags, Mint’s Test Tokens, Counters & Coin Weights ; Ancient & Medieval Money; Precious Metal Bullion & Nuggets (copper, silver, gold, platinum) ; Domestic & Foreign Banknotes & Fractional Currency & Card Money, Charter & Obsolete Notes, Radar & Replacement Notes, Cardstock Face Proofs, Legacy Currency, Vignettes; Sight Drafts, Prosperity & Stock Certificates, Cancelled Cheques, Stock Tickets, Bills of Exchange & Negotiable Instruments, Victory Loans, Bonds & Savings Certificates & Vintage Lottery Tickets, Merchant Scrip & Fantasy Notes & Coupons ; Gift & Credit Cards; Militaria (ribbons, medals, decorations, insignia, badges, pins, buttons & more) ; Errors & Varieties Coins, Tokens, & Notes; Trade Dollars & Beads & Tokens & Wooden Money; Gold & Silver Certificates; Emergency & Labour Vouchers, Depression Scrip & Government Cash Notes ; Mechanical & Other Banks; Tax Stamps, Ration Stamps & Books ; Postage Stamps, First Day Covers, Postal Numismatic Covers; Olympic Memorabilia (medals, awards, badges, IDs, etc.) ; Postcards & Postal Orders, Trading & Sports Cards & Other Collector Cards; Fraternity & Other Pins & Badges ; Antiquarian Literature, Modern Publications, Population Reports & Catalogues; AND MORE!
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